Product Owner / Creative with over 15 years building and optimizing successful media products

Poultry in Motion

Writer, Producer, Editor, Director

“Hilarious and shocking.” – Hulu

“Fearlessly honest.” – MSN

“Fascinating, darkly funny.” – The Dissolve

The Challenge

Write, produce and edit a feature-length documentary with no budget and
a theatrical release scheduled… just four months away.

The Solution

Bring on a co-editor, and manage project using Agile Methodologies.
Work in two-week sprints, reviewing progress regularly.

The Results

Rave reviews, including 8.1/10 rating on IMDB.
Opened theatrically in New York, and played festivals around the world.
Available on DVD, BluRay, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and more.

“Amazing.” – Fangoria

“Amazing. 9/10.” – PopMatters

“Fascinating.” – DVD Talk

“Fantastic.” – 411 Mania

“A must-see.” –

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